Sunday, December 8, 2013

It might of turned out very different, if.......

If Early hadn't of waited after the fight at Monocacy and continued his march onto Washington, he most probably would have captured the White House almost unopposed on July 10, 1864. Here is an entry from the diary of William Stringfield. He was with Thomas' Legion, whom fought side by side with the 1st Tennessee during Early's Raid.

July the 11, 1864

"Monday Evening. In front of Washington City DC! See the unfurnished dome of the Capitol. I am still very unwell and remain with the wagons which are one mile in advance of my division which is guarding the rear. Gen. Early [General Jubal Early] has demanded the surrender of the city which he can take by considerable loss of life. The enemy are driven back to their inside works. The mansion of Post Master Gen. Blair is burnt. Our army is very anxious to enter Washington city. I fear for the people if they ever do enter there. So much misery has been brought on our people by the vile miscreants living there that they could not be restrained. If the proper ones were the only sufferers I would say turn them loose upon the city. It always will be a bone of contention among us any way. I am very weak and not able for duty but must travel."

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