Sunday, December 8, 2013


While researching the 1st Tennessee Cavalry, Carter's Station is mentioned a few times as a place that either the commanding officers would set up camp at, or the 1st Tennessee would actually occupy with other divisions.  
  Carter's Station is located at a crossroads of Babb Mill Rd. and Lonesome Pine Trail. Using Google Maps, there isn't much there as was during the Civil War. There is a church, a cemetery and a few houses. Carter's Station was a place where religious camps were held for many years. It appears that the congregation of the area was and still is Methodist.  There were large sheds that were built for the camp meetings. There was one that measured 50' X 80'. There also was the community church. The location and available structures during the Civil War explains why this location was frequently used by the Army.
This small community has an interesting history.  President Andrew Johnson died here. HERE is a Bio that was written about the history of the place. 

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