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Colonel James E. Carter gives the Regimental History and Memorial Rolls in the Military Annals of Tennessee


By James E. Carter, Knoxville, Tenn.
  The Third Battalion Tennessee Cavalry »vas organized in 1861: Wm. Brazelton, Lieutenant-colonel, commanding; James Bradford, Major. J.A. Goldy, Captain Co. 
A; Burt. Lenty, Captain Co. B; Wm. Snow, Captain Co. C; John Robertson,
Captain Co. D; Tim Bradley, Captain Co. E; Charley Baker, Captain Co. F. Reorganized April, 1862: Jas. E. Carter, Lieutenant-colonel; Onslow Bean, Major. A.M. Goforth, Captain Co. A; G.B. Keys, Captain Co. B; John B. King, Captain Co. C; W.S. Greer, Captain Co. D; Elbert Hurst, Captain Co. E; Tim Bradly, Captain Co. F.
  The First Regiment Tennessee Cavalry, C.S.A., was organized in October, 1862: Jas. E. Carter, Colonel; Onslow Bean, Lieutenant-colonel; A.M. Goforth,. Major; W.W. Giddens, Captain and Assistant Quartermaster; H.C. Greer, Captain and Assistant Commissary; J.D. Carter, Lieutenant and Adjutant. G.B. Keys, Captain Co. A; S.J. Wheeler, First Lieutenant; M.G. DcDonald, Second Lieutenant; E.S. Morrill, Third Lieutenant. John B. King, Captain Co. B; W.S. Montgomery, First Lieutenant; F. Gardenhire, Second Lieutenant; John Turner, Third Lieutenant. 
R.S. Vandyke, Captain Co. C; J.A. Turley, First Lieutenant; A.J. Thompson, 
Second Lieutenant; W.T. Miller, Third Lieutenant. W.S. Greer, Captain Co. D; Floyd McDonald, First Lieutenant. John Jarnagin, Captain Co. E; D.C. Smart, 
First Lieutenant; Alex. Monroe, Second Lieutenant; James Kitts, Third 
Lieutenant. Frank Fiilkerson, Captain Co. F; L.W. Jennings, First Lieutenant; 
Wm. Latham, Second Lieutenant; Wm. Lewis Third Lieutenant. A.R. Wiggs, Captain Co. G; C. Cate, First Lieutenant; Wm. Hutton, Second Lieutenant; J.M. Kidd, 
Third Lieutenant. David Neff, Captain Co. H; T. Coursey, First Lieutenant; D.C. Tolly, Second Lieutenant; J.T. Thomas, Third Lieutenant. William Wallace, 
Captain Co. I; Carnes, First Lieutenant. R.M. Swearingen, Captain Co. K; Pryor Gammon, First Lieutenant; S.M. Inman, Second Lieutenant; T.D. Fox, Third Lieutenant. The following two companies were added to the regiment in the 
latter part of 1863, and did efficient service: Co. L — William Blackburn, Captain; William Gibson, First Lieutenant; Shoemaker, Second Lieutenant. Co. M 
— Ed. Gammon, Captain; D.D. Anderson, First Lieutenant; David Taylor, Second Lieutenant; John Taylor, Third Lieutenant.  
  After the death of Major Goforth, Capt. John B. King was Major of the 
regiment. After Major King was killed, Captain B.S. Vandyke became Major of the regiment. After Major Vandyke was killed, the office was vacant until the close of the war. After the promotion of Capt. King to the Majority of the regiment, Lieut. W.S. Montgomery became Captain of Co. B. After the promotion of Capt. Vandyke to the Majority of the regiment, ___ ___ was Captain of Co. C. D.C. 
Smart became Captain of Co. E after Capt. Jarnagin was killed. J.M. Kidd was Captain of Co. G at the close of the war. T. Coursey was Captain of Co. H at 
the close of the war.

The death-roll of the regiment is as follows:

  • Miller, Lieut. W.T., k. at Baker's Creek, Miss., May 10, 1863. 
  • Goforth, Maj. A.M., k. at Mossy Creek, Tenn., Dec, 1863. 
  • King, Maj. J.B., k. at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864  
  • Jarnagin, Capt. John, k. at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864. 
  • Vandyke, Maj. R.S., k. at White Post, Va., Aug., 1864. 
  • McDonald, Lieut. Floyd, k. in the Valley of Virginia, 1864. 
  • Gammon, Capt. Ed., k. at Morristown, Tenn., Oct. 28, 1864. 
  • Bean, Lieut.-col. Onslow, k. at Marion, Va., Dec, 1864. 
  • Thomas, Lieut. J.T., k. in Green county, Tenn., Jan., 1865.     
  • Caper, Willis, k. at Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec. 29, 1862.  
  • Finn, John H., k. at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864 
  • Hoback, Will, k. at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864.
  •  Geist, John, k. at Morristown, Tenn., 1864 
  • Barton, Oscar, k. at Marion, Va., Dec., 1864. 
  • Roberts, David, k. at South Fork of Cumberland River (Ky.), 1861. 
  • Boyd, Hiram, k. at South Fork of Cumberland River (Ky.), 1861.  
  • Potter, Silas, k. at Blue Springs, Tenn., Sept., 1863. 
  • Trew, Tom, k. at Somerset, Ky., 1862.  
  • Adams, A., k. at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864. 
  • Luttrell, Jo., k. near Dalton, Ga., 1864.  
  • Rhea, Jas., k. near Chattanooga, Oct., 1863. 
  • Winset, Wm., k. at Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec, 1862.
  • Reinhart,___, k. at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864. 
  • Coats, Newton, k. at Tazewell, Tenn., 1862.
  • Lane, W.P., k. at White Post, Va., Aug., 1864.
  • Smith, Hezekiah, k. at Strawberry Plains, Lane, Tenn., Nov., 1863.
  • Platt, Henry D, k. at Big Creek Gap, Tenn.,Aug. 30 1862.
  • Henderson, Harvy, regimental bugler, k. at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864.

  • Beeler, Isaac, k. at Cumberland Gap, 1863.
  • McBee, John, k. at Newtown, Va., Aug. 11, 1864.
  • Hankins, John, k. at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864.
  • Blackwell, Jake, k. at Marion, Va., Dec, 1864.
  • Graham, Sam, k. at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864.
  • Fron, R., k. at Somerset, Ky., March 31, 1863.
  • Culpepper, D.H., k. on picket (Ky.), Jan., 1862.
  • Watkins, Carlow, k. at Murfreesboro, Dec. 27, 1862.

  The regiment was in some severe fighting in Tennessee, Kentucky, and 
Virginia. Was on the campaign in Kentucky with Gen. E.K. Smith, in 
1862. Was in the main battle of Murfreesboro, under the gallant Gen.
John Pegram. "Was detached from the brigade and sent with Gen. 
Wheeler in rear of the enemy's lines, where it did some very effective 
work. Co. C, Capt. Vandyke's, was in the siege of Vicksburg, where it did valuable service. Co. K, Capt. Swearingen, was with Gen. Johnston on his memorable march from Dalton, Ga., to Atlanta, and did some hard fighting. 
The regiment also fought gallantly while in the Valley of Virginia, 
beginning with Piedmont—or, as the Federals call it, New Hope Church. In 
this battle the regiment suffered heavy loss in officers and men. Then we 
were in the memorable campaign under Gen. Early against Washington, and 
afterward with him all through his valley campaign. There was no better 
fighting material in the Confederate army than this regiment. 
  Co. A was made up in Khea county; Co. B, in Hamilton county; Co. C,
in McMinn county; Co. D, in Rhea and Bledsoe counties; Co. E, in 
Union and Knox counties; Co. F, in Claiborne county; Co. G, in 
Blount county; Co. H, in Jefferson county; Co. I, in Blount county; 
Co. K, in Jefferson county; Co. L, in Claiborne county; Co. M, in 
Washington, Sullivan, and Carter counties.

          First Tennessee Cavalry
Captain, A.M. Goforth.
  • Duncan, Robert, d. March 8, 1862.
  • Holmes, George W., d. July 3, 1862, at Bean's Station.
  • Rogers, W.L, d. March 9, 1862.
  • Taylor, J.T., d. at Cumberland Gap.
  • Wilson, William, d. April 20, 1862.
  • White, William, d. at Wallace's Cross-roads, Aug.16,1862
Captains: Burt. Lenty and John B. King.
  • Farmer, D.W., d. Aug. 15, 1862.
  • Ward, J.H., accidentally shot.
  • Bunn, T.H., d. Aug. 28, 1862, at Fincastle, Tenn.
  • Dillahunty, James, k. in action, Sept. 1, 1862.
  • Patterson, William, d. March 26, 1862, at Fincastle,                         Tenn.
Captains: Richard S. Vandyke and William F. Gass.
  • Denton, A., d. June 8, 1863, at Vicksburg.
  • Henry, Addison, d. Jan. 24, 1862, at Livingston,                        Tenn.
  • Colter, Alexander A., d. April 12, 1862.
Captain, John Robertson.
  • Norris, W.D., d. March, 1862, at Cumberland Gap.
  • Smith, Jacob, d. March 18, 1862.
Captain, W.S. Greer.
  • Platt, Henry D., k. by bush-whackers, Aug. 30, 1862,                       at Big Creek Gap.
  • Henry, A.L., d. at Livingston, Tenn., Feb. 25, 1862.
  • Foust, W.T., d. June 5, 1862, at Kingston.
  • Basset!, W.W, d. July 14, 1862, at Wallace's                           Cross-roads, Tenn.
Captain, F. Fulkerson.
  • Tucker, J.P., d. June 28,1862.

Captain, A.R. Wiggs.
  • Trow, R., k. March 31, 1863, at Somorset, Ky.
Captain, David Neff.
  • Higgs, J.N.B., d. March 26, 1862, at Henry Station.
  • Willson, John, d. Feb. 28, 1862, at Paris, Tenn.
  • Freeman, W.A., d. April 1, 1862, at home.
Captain, William Wallace.
  • Jones, A.W.B., d. Sept. 1, 1862.
Captain, R.M. Swearingen.
  • Delashimt, G.B., d. Aug. 4, 1862.
  • MeKenzie, J.C, d. April 30, 1862.
  • Loyd, J.C, d. April 27, 1862.


  1. I was wondering how you came about the info on the death roll for the regiment??

  2. sorry i figured it out after I reread the article..My GG Grandfather and his brother were also enlisted with this unit..Not sure if you would be able to help me find out more info on them but if you would be willing I would love to hear from you. My ancestors names were William Robert Winsett and his brother was Silas Cannon Winsett. I had questioned the name on this list in company B because I believe it to be SILAS Not William as William was listed as POW in 1863 and paroled at Anthens GA in 1865..Silas is listed on muster rolls dec. 28 1862 absent/captured then later in 1863 dropped from all rolls for some unknown reason. I have been trying for awhile to find out what ever happened to him until I came across your blog. Now I have an idea. THANK YOU

    1. Col. James E. Carter CSA..
      Is also my G. G. Grand Father.

      I have very little info on him through family geneolgy.

  3. I would love to know if you have any EPPS on your records. I can't see your page too well. The red writing is blinding or I would try to look for myself. Thank you Chris Epps Wheeler

  4. My great great great grandfather was Col. James E. Carter

  5. Hello everyone, My GG Grandfather Isaac W. Dixon was in the
    22nd Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (Bowen's Virginia Mounted Riflemen) and fought in the Battle of Blue Springs and Blountsville. One of those Battles he was wounded and died from that wound. There have been no records found of the death or his burial location and I am searching for any information on Casualties lists from anyone out there who may have a document or knowledge of these battles and deaths. I do have his muster card from 10-31-63 that shows wounded in Action but by then he would have died from all family indications. Please post any information. Our family thanks you.

  6. I'm from kingsport TENN and about to join the reenactment at bluntville